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Publié le 27 mars 2018
par Matthieu GIROUX

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Published on 8 July 2014
by Matthieu GIROUX

LIBERLOG help some little and middle enterprises to :

– Make your open software better

– Homogenize your open software

– Create quickly a new software

– Install or customize your Website

– Create quickly a multi-platform management software (VRAD)

– Create quickly some rich management (...)

Published on 11 May 2014
by Matthieu GIROUX

Many software publishers use old versions of their tool. In fact they do not know how to migrate to a new version of the tool. Also, in times of economic contraction, companies are struggling to see on the long term.

It is practically impossible to migrate a software made with non-Rapid (...)

Published on 7 October 2010
by Matthieu GIROUX

LIBERLOG wants to gain more time creating your web site or software. With Extended framework, you can also migrate to LAZARUS.

So LIBERLOG installs Content Management Systems customizing them. These tools will make you gain some time and money.

LIBERLOG tells you about Very Rapid (...)

Published on 8 July 2010
by Matthieu GIROUX

Installing management systems

These servers are for middle or litte enterprises.

Some management softwares can be installed or created :

– SUGAR CRM ou V TIGER are you Customer Relationships Management

– LAURUX, OPEN SI are you Finance Management

– OPEN OFFICE ou LOTUS SYMPHONY are some (...)