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Extended Components

by Matthieu GIROUX

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Extended Components are LAZARUS and DELPHI components.

The Extended Components are part of a Very Rapid Applications Development framework.

There are most visual components in the package. The color change when we focus on them. They are :
- A data list linked to data with its N-1, N-N, N-N-N relations-ships extension
- Saving edits into INI file ( Video )
- A label which can be set to the edits, to be colored on focus on edit
- Some number’s edits
- Some color’s edits
- Some data dates
- Some data text, with formatting of text
- Some data Memo
- Some DB Images, DB Imagelists, Pictures’ combos
- A data navigator, with searching and record moving
- A data search edit for a duplicating field
- A data grid with better editing on columns
- A data combo which can insert a non-existing field
- Fortes Report automation and images components upgrade
- Cloned controls’ panel
- Updating your files

There are buttons components too. They optimize and unify the images of the buttons.

Download- History

Ancestromania, made with Extended

Old OnFormInfoIni Traducing project

info portfolio

Extended screenshot

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