XML Frames engine
Article published on 28 October 2010
last modification on 17 June 2022

by Matthieu GIROUX

XML Frames is a Very Rapid Applications Development Framework on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.

With this Engine you read W4 BPMN 2 XML Files to create a management software.

With passive W4 STORE BPMN XML files, you can create databases like Firebird, My SQL, maybe Postgres or Oracle. The softwares that are made with are faster and cheaper. In fact, Pascal Byte-Code is faster than Java Byte-Code. It can also create binaries.

The analysis is always same as software because analysis is software. You gain in time and quality.

The engine lightens the memory of user’s computer, and does not need a web server. You can create database. There are 3-tier projects.

XML Frames Sources